Knitting Abbreviations: Key Knitting Terms to Know

Knitting patterns use standard knitting abbreviations.  Some designers use slight variations on these abbreviations, so be sure to read the pattern carefully to see how the designer is defining the knitting abbreviations for that particular design.  Here are the standard abbreviations that you’ll see in knitting projects.

Knitting Abbreviations Defined

alt:  alternate, alternatively

approx:  approximately

BC:  back cross or back cable

beg:  begin, begins, beginning

BO:  bind off

BO:  bobble

C:  cable

CC:  contrasting color

ch:  chain

cm:  centimeters

cn:  cable needle

CO:  cast on

cont:  continue, continuing

cross 2 L:  cross two stitches to the left (part of cable pattern)

cross 2 R:  cross two stitches to the right (part of cable pattern)

dc:  double crochet

dec: decrease, decreasing

decs:  decreases

DK:  double knitting

dp, dpn:  double-pointed needle

dtr:  double treble

EON:  end of needle

FC: front cros (cable)

foll:  follow, follows, following

g, gr:  gram

grp, grps:  group, groups

g st:  garter stitch

hdc:  half double crochet

hk: hook

in,ins:  inch, inches

inc:  increase, increasing

incl:  including

incs:  increases

k:  knit

k-b, k 1 b:  knit stitch in row below

kfb:  knit into the front and back of a stitch

k tbl:  knit through back loop

k2tog:  knit two together

kwise: knitwise

LC:  left cross (cable)

LH:  left-hand

lp,lps:  loop, loops

LT:  left twist (formed by crossing one stitch over another)

m:  meters

MB:  make bobble

MC:  main color

mm:  millimeters

m1:  make one

no:  number

oz:  ounces

p:  purl

pat,pats:  pattern, patterns

p-b:  purl stitch in the row below

pfb:  purl into the front and back of a stitch

pnso:  pass next stitch over

psso:  pass slip stitch over

p tbl:  purl through back loop

p2tog:  purl two together

pwise:  purlwise

RC:  right cross (cable)

rem:  remain, remaining

rep:  repeat

rev St st:  reverse stockinette stitch

RH:  right-hand

rib:  ribbing

rnd, rnds:  round, rounds

RS:  right side

RT:  right twist (formed by crossing one stitch over another)

sc:  single crochet

sk:  skip

SKP:  slip one, knit one, pass slip stitch over

sl:  slip

sl st:  slip stitch

sp, sps:  space, spaces

ssk:  slip, slip, knit

st, sts:  stitch, stitches

St st:  stockinette stitch

tbl:  through back loop

tch, t-ch:  turning chain

tog:  together

tr:  treble

trtr:  triple treble

WS:  wrong side

won: wool over needle

wrn:  wool round needle

wyib:  with yarn in back

wyif:  with yarn in front

yb (or ybk):  yarn to the back

yf (or yfwd):  yarn to the front

yfon:  yarn forward and over needle

yfrn:  yarn forward and round needle

yo:  yarn over

yo twice, yo2:  yarn over 2 times

yon:  yarn over needle

yrn:  yarn round needle

Several of these knitting abbreviations have different ways of completing the stitch.  For instance, there are several methods for creating a new stitch (m1 abbreviation).  The designer may have a preferred method to use for the project, so be sure to double check the designer’s recommendations for knitting abbreviations for that pattern.


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